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Come Home
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Union Maid:
372. 2005-05-20 (376KB) 2:27

Alternative Title:
Let me come home

Transcribed by:

Please let me come home now
Mama Iím a bloody thorn in the wind
Spring gave me birth and light
Summer has me sitting here in sin

You can season to taste that neck
With my hands upon your head
For it was not your broken fever
Threw me out to make this bed

Though what I would give to see
In the shoulder of your gaze
I will linger in each back and forth
As if it were a maze

But there is no escape in sight
Weíre obtaining show of hands
And you are acting out the bravest stance
To the sound of a big brass band

And I can kick behind you quietly
And the subtlety is slow
Like a list of all the childrenís names
We can pick a pretty shadow

And I can live there until itís time
I can live with yours and mine


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