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How to Lose
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Written by:
Adam Busch

Alternative Title(s)

Union Maid:
347. 2005-03-14
357. 2005-04-05
363. 2005-05-03
417. 2006-01-31 (867 kb) 2:27
428. 2006-03-12
456. 2006-06-01
494. 2006-08-28

2006-11-09 - Bowery Poetry Club
2006-10-07 - G2
2006-10-06 - The Lavery's
2006-10-05 - The Troubadour
2006-09-28 - the Hotel Cafe
2005-10-06 - The Troubadour
2005-10-01 - Collectormania
2005-07-08 - Alternate Universe Con
2005-06-11 - The Point
2005-06-10 - The Bitter End
2005-04-24 - The Cavern
2005-04-23 - O'Neills
2005-04-22 - The Troubadour

boy i don't know how to lose
no, you can't make me choose
we all heard what you said i'd be better off dead but
then you'll have to bury me

see i don't believe in you
but i want you to feel that i do
how can you care when from way over there
your sure taking your sweet time to
so this is the way we move
kick off your sunday shoes

don't leave her alone with me
don't leave her alone with me
however we fall to the arms of the floor
i'll be your turtledove no more

i am praying for world war three
i am praying for world war three
i'll fight and i'll die
no i won't ask why
then you'll have to sing for me


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