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Let me die with my trumpet in my hand
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Written by:
Adam Busch

Alternative Title Lord
Deliver Me

Union Maid:
446. 2006-05-01
449. 2006-05-08
469. 2006-06-26 - Live: 2006-06-04
489. 2006-08-14
502. 2006-10-03 - Live: 2006-09-28
513. 2006-11-12

2006-11-09 Bowery Poetry Club
2006-10-07 G2
2006-10-06 Lavery's
2006-10-05 Troubadour
2006-09-28 Hotel Cafe

Lord deliver me Reconsider me
Lord make up your mind
Lord Iím looking good, how Iím feeling good
Lord whoís a good guy?
Lord I Bask in thee, what you ask of me
Lord I do it all the time
Iíll die with my trumpet in my hand

Lord this tyranny Oh whatís left of me
Lord the men of the hour
Lord the sinnerís we formed a ministry
Lord Itís the surest game of town
Lord you steady me call it blasphemy
Lord itís the only way Iíve found
Let me die with my trumpet in my handv
Lord your
Tearing us apart try and hide another heart
Is the curse that is frozen to me
You raised us in the middle
Lord you gave, I took a little
Itís so easily done
Lord canít you see weíve won?

Lord china there
Oh the silverware
Lord the way we should dine
Lord is it a sign when you show me yours
Then Iíll show you mine
Lord you set it up, Lord you knock it down
Lord Iíll gladly do the time
Let me die with my trumpet in my hand

I canít live on your credit
It took so long to admit it
Lord your no second place prize

Lord you ready me, , get ahead of me
Lord wonít you take my hand
Lord your supposed to be oh so close to me
Lord how much can you stand?
Lord you worry me
From what I can see
If you wonít play with the band
Just let me die with my trumpet in my hand

Born again let me be please lord again


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