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2003-06-23 - Scala - London
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Adam Busch/ Eric Kufs/ Ken Beck/ Mike Uhler
Rick Birmingham

Setlist & Flyer

01. Dancer
02. Hey Mr. DJ
03. Everything under the sun
04. Indie Rockin'
05. Sit down
06. First Time
07. Rock Star
08. Gone dyin'
09. Hollywood Romance
10. Answering Machine
11. D.A.V.E
12. More complex
13. More than once
14. Lena
15. Offstage Lines
16. Oklahoma
17. Fortunate
18. Borderline
19. The crowd and I
20. Pawn

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The transition from television or film star to serious musician has always been a bit of a rum affair. It usually works fine if you fancy a bit of pop action - nothing too strenuous, a couple of nice cover versions, fade back into obscurity? Nice one. Things go awry when you want to be treated with respect for your musical integrity... cue the public and press sucking their teeth like a plumber. This time round it's ex-'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' baddie Warren, aka Adam Busch, who's out to prove himself. His vehicle? A five piece country-folky-pop outfit. It only takes a few minutes to realise that the (largely female) audience are not there for the music. Busch, the man with all the posture of an aging tortoise, looks overwhelmed by the response his band are getting at first. But then most people would be when they receive a raptuous response to music that makes Ryan Adams look like a thoroughly entertaining chap.

But even adoration gets tiring after a while. Busch constantly tests the audience, who laugh long and loud at every word that comes out of his mouth. His impression of the smoke machine has everyone in stitches. If this man is half as funny as his audience think he is, he should be the world's richest stand up comedian, not jumping around in some Toploader-lite country act tootling on a harmonica. The most worrying thing is, he's well aware he's no comedy god. At one point he evens lets the audience know they don't have to cheer everything he says. "If it isn't funny, don't laugh... Only do it if it's sincere!" The adoring throng respond accordingly... By laughing. This frustrates the poor guy even more - but even screaming, "My name isn't Warren!!" a la 'Empire Records' isn't going to help him at this point. Meanwhile, the rest of the band just look relieved that so many girls have turned up to point at their singer. They'll probably even buy an album... sweet!

Admist all this kerfuffle, there were some songs. It seems unfair to call a whole band pedestrian and smug just because one of their singers used to be on the telly... But when a band are as pedestrian as Collective Rotation, their collective smugness grates to the point where you just want to slap them. Back to your wedding reception! Off with you!

by Allison


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