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Is this Website official?
No, this website is not official. We are only fans of Common Rotation who actually wanted to run a German fan site. Later we decided to run this website in English and German. The official website is located at www.commonrotation.com

I’ve never heard of Common Rotation before, what kind of music do they play?
During one of their recent interviews they replied to that question with: Shout folk, anti-anti folk, house folk, no folk and not folk. Well...folk-music. But definetly not the kind of music you would expect your parents to listen to. If there is a word like modern-folk it would definetly be that !

I saw Common Rotation play for the first time, last night. Where can I get their CDs? You can buy all of their CDs at the official Common Rotation fan shop. Might be that you’ll find some on ebay as well, but come on guys, support the band and get your CDs the official way! You can also get the CDs at every show they play.

Common Rotation rocks! Can I request their music at my local radio station?
There are a few radio stations where you can request their music. A list of all stations can be found here. Most of these stations offer online streams, so that you can also request their music, even if you don’t live in this town.

What does „Living Room“ gig mean? Do they really play in living rooms?
Yes they do! Sometimes the „living room“ turns out to be the garden, a basement or a high school, but in early 2004 Common Rotation decided to trade in the big stage for the living rooms of their fans and friends (Danny Strong was a host of a „LR gig“). Click here to read the official anouncement, send out by the street team.

Are they still playing Living Room gigs?
Not really. The final Living Room show was officially set for Sep 24th, 2005. The band still does LR Shows, but those shows aren't a part of the official LR Tour or the DVD production.

There are so many audio and video files around. Is it allowed to tape their shows?
We will answer this question with a quote from Matt Busch:
"AUDIO TAPING: Common Rotation allows and in fact encourages people to tape their live concerts for non-commercial home use only. In other words you can tape the show but you CAN NOT sell the tape of the show. You can of course trade the shows freely amongst yourselves. You CAN NOT plug into our soundboard. And yes, feel free to give us copies of our shows that you've taped. We don't always get to tape them ourselves, and when we do we all don't always get copies!

VIDEO: Common Rotation does NOT allow video taping unless written permission is given from the band or management.

Please understand that all of these "rules" are basically a work in progress and may change at any time. Also, in cases when CR is an opening act or appearing as part of a larger festival, the headliner or festivals rules may be the ones we all have to follow. Please feel free to email me if you are unsure."

This rule also includes videotaping with photo-cameras or mobile phones and any other technology available for video-taping

Is it allowed to take pictures during their shows?
Quote from Matt Busch:
"PHOTOGRAPHY: Common Rotation does allow photos to be taken of the band during live performances, also for non-commercial use. In other words, you can take pictures of the band performing, you can trade them, give them away, post them on your FREE sites,but you CAN NOT sell them or use them in any profitable way without our written permission. Also we request that if you are taking pictures PLEASE DO NOT USE A FLASH. They can be quite blinding to the band and may cause them to fall down during parts of the show when they are not supposed to be falling down!"

What is the „Union Maid“?
You can download the Union Maid from Common Rotations official website. The Union Maid offers Common Rotation songs in progress (or live recordings from recent shows) and is updated almost daily. The band has offered over 400 songs free for download so far.

What is "Clear Channel?"
Clear Channel is a media/entertainment complex who owns and controlls most of the radio/tv stations. Please read this article (published Feb 2005, City Pages) to find out more about "Clear Channel"

  • I heard they are going to release a DVD? When? What is it about?
    The DVD is a documentary mainly about their Living Room Tour in 2004/2005, but also features other live material from shows and interviews with fans.
    The last scenes were taken in September 2005, but because of the huge amount of material and the plans to tour some festivals with it first, it may take a while for it to be released, there's no official date announced yet.

    March, 2006

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