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Adam Busch was born on July 6th 1978 in East Meadow, Long Island, New York. He was the son of a Jazz pianist. Heavily influenced by his father, Adam started to get interested at a young age in music and comedians from the '30,'40 and '50.

Adam is a very talented musician. He's not only singing, but he also plays harmonica, saxophone, piano, guitar and drums.

His second passion, next to his music, is acting. When he was part of the theatre group at East Meadow High, he got every leading role. During his college, Adam started to do films and commercials and that led him into TV.

Adam already acted next to Jean Reno, but his most famous part is with no doubt the part of "Warren Mears"!

At first Adam auditioned for a part in "Angel", but he wasn't able to convince the producers that he was the right person for that part. When the producers needed someone to play the part of "Warren" In "Buffy" they thought of him. Originally there were only two episodes of the 5th season planned, but at the end Adam played one of the most important parts of the 6th season.


July 2003


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