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Drones (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
release date: August 9th, 2011

1. Strongly Worded Memo
2. Cubicleland
3. Love Staples
4. The Chestnut Carriage
5. Conference Call Samba
6. A Third Thing
7. Plastic Flowers (w/ Dan Bern)
8. Numby-Sticky
9. Never Guess
10. Ian
11. A Lot Of Work To Do
12. Jafe
13. Launch the Attack!
14. On the Warpath
15. The Infidelity Circus
16. The OmniLink Birthday Appreciation (/w Acker, Blacker)
17. Bingo
18. Project Manager
19. 92 Mikes
20. Because You Care
21. Evolution
22. Finale: 50 More Years
23. I'm Not From Around Here (w/ Dan Bern)
24. Love Makes All the Other Worlds Go Around (w/ Dan Bern)
25. When Will You Evolve (Bonus Track)
26. Time Is Different (Bonus Track)
27. Primary Emotions (Bonus Track)
28. Being An Alien (Bonus Track)
29. Walk With Me (Bonus Track)


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