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Staring Down The Brilliant Dream (Indigo Girls)
release date: June 25th, 2010

1-1. Heartache For Everyone
1-2. Closer To Fine
1-3. Go
1-4. Come On Home
1-5. Devotion
1-6. Cold Beer And Remote Control
1-7. Moment Of Forgiveness
1-8. Fill It Up Again
1-9. Sugar Tongue
1-10. Fly Away
1-11. Ozilline
1-12. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
1-13. Kid Fears
1-14. Watershed
1-15. Shame On You
2-1. Get Out The Map
2-2. Salty South
2-3. The Wood Song
2-4. Three County Highway
2-5. Digging For Your Dream
2-6. Rock And Roll Heaven's Gate
2-7. I Believe In Love
2-8. Fugitive
2-9. Cordova
2-10. What Are You Like
2-11. Second Time Around
2-12. Love Of Our Lives
2-13. Become You
2-14. Prince Of Darkness
2-15. Tether
2-16. Wild Horses


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