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Transcribed by: Christy Raymond

Union Maid:
493. 2006-08-24

When the rose on my windows ledge has withered away
Iím trying to make some sense of whatís left of this day
Iím around, Iím around Iíll be around
That sounds just like something people say
But the blue bird at my side is made of coloured glass
It spreads the sun on everything and all that must pass
And Iím around, Iím around, Iíll be around
This sounds like something you would say
Just donít say it
Donít say
How could you anyway?
So itís Saturday night, lets hit this favourite spot
Have our first couple of dances to our last parting shot
And Iím alright, Iím alright, Iíll be alright
Iím fine this is you and me tonight
You see Iíve been a Romeo and seen many a Juliet
And itís a tragic story, but those two they asked for it
Thatís why Iím around, Iím around, Iíll be around
Cos thereís something I need to learn from this
And everyone will be calling us home dear
Or is this about Iíll answer your phone here
Stay out as late; be as loud as we can be
Weíll wake every living thing
Shake every bird from in this tree
But the bluebird on my windows edge
It shines just for you
Itís killed the stolen rose and all my sadness too
It only brings to life when the sun makes itís way back around
So Iíll be around Iím around Iíll be around
Well it sounds just like something I would say
Babe it just sounds like some silly warm clichť
But the truth is always shining through
This bird is foreverÖÖÖÖ.. for you.


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