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Clear Skies
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Alternative Title(s)
Don't worry Baby

Union Maid:
218. 2004-09-12 (instrumental)
223. 2004-09-19
234. 2004-10-01
243. 2004-10-14
359. 2005-04-13

Don't worry baby
The sun [..]
and the stars [..]

So that we can see them tonight
against [..]
but the moon shines back on earth
and has a mind of its own
[A moon that] never leaves us alone

Baby donít worry
The skies all look clear
The sunís paid its respect as the stars reappear
Theyíre all we can hope for
Theyíre all that we can need
Theyíre all we can count on and thatís been agreed
That the moonís turned its back on us
It has a mind of its own
This praying doesnít leave us alone

Baby donít worry
Cause you know it just aint so
The darkness has crept up just to keep us in tow
Itís holding our hands now
Cause we need to be shown
That we can never be alone


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