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Everything under the sun
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Written by:
Eric Kufs

Union Maid:
38. 2003-06-25 (2112 kb) 4:25
48. 2003-08-23 (2015 kb) 4:13
59. 2003-12-15 (1889 kb) 3:57
95. 2004-04-14 (7779 kb) 10:54
269. 2004-11-12 (2912 kb) 4:53
366. 2005-05-06

Alternative title(s):

2006-11-09 Bowery Poetry Club
2006-10-07 - G2
2006-10-06 - The Lavery's
2006-09-28 - the Hotel Cafe
2005-10-06 - The Troubadour
2005-10-01 - Collectormania
2005-07-08 - Alternate Universe Con
2005-06-13 - The Broadway Beanery
2005-06-11 - The Point
2005-06-10 - The Bitter End
2005-04-24 - The Cavern
2005-04-22 - The Troubadour
2005-04-21 - The Troubadour
2005-02-18 - The Bitter End
2004-11-12 - The Bitter End
2004-10-04 - The Troubadour
2004-10-02 - Collectormania
2004-04-10 - The Bitter End
2003-08-04 - TT Reynolds
2003-08-03 - Iron Horse Music Hall
2003-03-09 - The Hotel Cafe
2003-01-10 - Knitting Factory

Well the world's asleep in the crimson flush
Starin' down the barrel of a gun
The one I love is up with a silent crush
On everything under the sun
A child of roses, a pocket full of poses
She stands up to the call to attention
She pins up her petals on the row of scarecrows
And everything under the sun

Why would she drag faith along
Raking the shade indoors
'Cause in that shadow, winter might leave her alone
With everything under the sun

Hold me
As the morning sky blacks out
Hold me
There's no time left now for doubt
For the tinsel placed on an iron pine
Begging mother's milk to come
Electrifying sense like a neon sign
With everything under the sun

Now bouncing baby boy becomes a rolling thunder
Switching the nightlight on
And what passes on jade will have to settle for wonder
And everything under the sun

Now morning hangs over the engines of time
The streets flood with desolation
But the one I love, she clasps her tiny hands around me
And everything under the sun

Hold me
As the morning sky blacks out
Hold me
There's no time left for doubt
For the one I love's not instinct
No body had taken for ransom
No soldier marching in sync
To the beat of a tired anthem

My love, she is nothing
She's only everything
Everything under the sun

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#Cm B E E
#Cm B E A
#Cm B E


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