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Union Maid:
373. 2005-05-22

Transcribed by:
Christy Raymond

Sing lady sing its
Trouble up ahead
They’re stopping this train
Pulling everyone off

Don’t hesitate
That old one about a single rose
Open the floodgates
For this engine to call

She’s abused the truth
Tonight they will lose
They’ll rape the daughters
Of all there inner elegance

They want the eyes of a magpie
In their pockets
They’ve come for your last chance

So may I have this dance?
May I have this dance?

It ain’t civil it’s the road
Call for the cinder man (not sure on this one!)
The autumn time could grant you
A hostel for you………

Disobeying the scratch
Will list off my………
The cries from the other room
Won’t reconcile you yet

Sing ladybird
With a grand old gesture
The show that must go on
Goes on and on and on

Truth be told
The taps are only laugh a bit (must be wrong)
Paint the days black and white
You won’t get gone

So may I dance with you?
To this song


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