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Flute Boy
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Union Maid:
328 - 2005-07-09 (321 kb) 2:08

[thumbs, times] up
keep the pedal to the hand out
tell the vision on with the gray tusk
keep the peel in the fine above
drag along the double side dusk

true the farmer with the apple
over extended with love
the words you spoke
to tell it below
but end it above
aside from knee or some other body part
dodge the conveyor belt
make the weather that turns the style
whether or not you felt

It has its place
It has its time
Fool us all
With the flute, little boy

People hear the sound of your name
And nothing more
Except they smoke your hair
To get to know you better
Stick your finger in the air and
Paint with your open sore
Take on the trouble
And the trouble a sample
[---] on the center

It all has its place
It has its time
Fool us all
With your flute, little boy


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