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The Ghost of Christmas past
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Union Maid:
63. 2003-12-23 (728 kb) 2:59

Went down to the company Christmas party, hey hey
Head home to drink for free and settin things right
Started talking to the waitresses on the catering staff
They said they'd be out of work by January 1st
And then we... all had a laugh
I said I'll have another round and that won't be my last
Wanna catch a glimpse of that Ghost of Christmas Past

Leaned over to a woman who was drinking... a beer
She's decked out from head to toe and grinning ear to ear
She said it's great to see some of that good ole company pride
I said it looks like this year couldn't kill that spirit of yuletide
I said this kind of fun can't be charted on no company graph
I will go looking for the Ghost of Christmas Past

Now, Charles Dickens was a dickens
Yeah they robbed his story blind
They used it over and over
Just like excuses of mankind

Oh holy night... the stores are brightly shining
This is night they stay open late for you

But I was drunk at the company Christmas party that night
Trying to put my financial troubles in a better light
But I struck up conversation with one of them CEO's
Normally they make me nervous like celebrities or politicians
I think you know
Well they asked me if I was having a good time, and I said "Sure Joe"
But I'd rather have my job back
Well it was just at that moment he just started at me all conscious
And we both looked quite embarrassed
Guess I said I was really Santa Claus stumbling out to my tax
Leaving home, looking for the Ghost of Christmas Past


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