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Union Maid
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453. 2006-05-24 - (1.86 MB) 5:25

Transcribed by:
ChristyRaymond /Jayden

2006-05-23 (union maid 2006-05-24)

You sucked on my thumb so I asked you to dance
Oh, whiskey, cigarettes, and circumstance
And it brought me to this under a blurry affair
Spinning our yarns out of winter's web
Fill me to the brim
With glory in a story
Beyond the cancer of any god
Or the shadow of a worry
We trembled in flight
Baby pigeons without eyes
Weakened by the chilling
Inkwell in the sky
The moon is off tonight
It's scheduled this day to be a pearl
With the faceless Madonna
On the other side of the world
These blankets are thin
Just like the blood in my veins
Making it hard to tell if we're Adam and Eve
Or Abel and Cain
But the dawn's been put on hold
Just by the force of your smile
The crack in your lips ....
Of freedom without a trial
And you've helped me forget for a while
You've helped me forget for a while
You've helped me forget for a while
Thank you
You've helped me forget for a while


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