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Kindred Souls
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Alternative Title:
I lived a lie Union Maid:
431. 2006-03-15

Transcribed by:

Hold me close dear
To your breast now
Strangled feather beds
Hang from dressing gowns
And stab your finger
In the gaping mouths
That makes no sound

The gasp for air
Raise a row
Toes curled long
The final bow
And your lining up
the kindred souls
With a noun

You know that I
I lived in
I lived in

Hold your breath
Broke the frame
In the fight to the death
You signed your name

And I crossed my heart
And longed to die
One wishful lash
Caught in your eye
But you know that I
I lived in
I lived and died
I lived and died
I live a lie
I live the lie


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