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Let me be
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Union Maid:
UM 405. 2005-10-23 (843mb) 5:33

Transcribed by:

This sad old world, itís dust on its cover
And theyíre blowing it off with the wind
In this back room Iím reminded of a lover
And the tail of my orbit in a spin

I blacked out before, not for so long
I suppose thereís a first time for everything
For some of them thereís always more
For others thereís just is
And the bump of the brief touch from the cane, from the cane

And if I take your advice
And Iím no good
If I take mine Iím worse off, you see
In this sad old world, let me be

I see gold and silver all [---]
Laid out across this kitchen table
With mother and father
The sunshine in the [---]
The naked nearness of the cable

Now the wires donít connect to any other [---]
The hidden touch of burning
[---] favorite piece in
Starting the fire of our useless yearning

I say I need it, cries for [---]
For those who want control of the sweet life
For those who think the vision is the next big thing
The only one thatís [---] uptight
Uptight everything is all right

Itís all right now, itís all right

Now if you take your lies
Iím just no good
If you take mine and Iím worse off, you see
So take this sad old world and let me be

Just let me be
Take this sad old world
Let me be
Take these chains off
Take these chains
Take these chains
No no no
Take these chains off my eyes


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