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(I've been) Living Here
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Union Maid:
392. 2005-08-01
401. 2005-09-18

You saved the letter in the blood red ink
With the honey jars and the kitchen sink
A cleft palate then a left, right hook
Burn you out to the brink
Sleeping angel of all your fears
I wont stop rocking just to stifle your tears
And Ive been living here

You trace it back before the dull yellow eyes
Well all be blue before we could ever despise
Any dog or any cat or any pigeon that flies
Through the room, ah too soon, too soon

The bottom feeders with deadpan careers
You can wipe out the wax from out of your ears
To hear that Ive been living here
You cant hear it, for a reason

It all gets a little vague around this bit, any help?

Or is it over
Or is it over
Long ears to get to know her

It is belly..fibres clear
The hell that you mention its cute and sincere
But Ive been living here
Ive been living here
Didnt you hear?
They just raised the rent on me!

Ah ha ha


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