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Master of my domain
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Union Maid:
28. 2003-05-15 (2716 kb) 5:42

2005-06-20 (complete set ~ 35 MB)

Bells are ringing on Church Street
The barkeep's are closing up shop
This time the moon's incomplete
Just taking this snapshot
Yet only nocturnal angels
Can carry around the boredom
Something blew out their candles
Others still happy to know them

Well the wind blew coldly past the bay
All the way down the street
It circled and screamed
With giggles and gales
While Margarita was asleep
The subway kingdom sounds through the grave
Steel upon steel grinding in the westland
Nothing left to emancipate
Anything can be free if it's missing
Hey hey

Now I'm the master of my domain
And I watch the gutters fill with rain

Well my angel's wings are in the shotgun seat
They look broken from the night before
Reminded me I was incomplete
'Cause the bums never got up off the floor
With the long goodbye
She's left the blindfold on the window pane
It was a little reminder such as this
She began to stake her claim

Now I'm the master of my domain
And I watch the gutters fill with rain

Minnie woke singing songs of love she'd learned as a child
Children play around her feet
As if nothing happened for which [...]
Went and got a different drum
Angel left her wings but she still had fallen
Rita died smilin' in the streets alone
Saying God bless the child who's got his own

Now I'm the master of my domain
And I watch the gutters fill with rain

Like a picture postcard labeled to Cain
Stamped on the back with the bitter tear stain
With the return address from where it once came
Yes I know I might be one to complain
But I'm not trying to resurrect or have 'em slain
Or make you feel of anyone else's pain
Just to remind you of the different waves of the brain
And that defines just what is and what is not sane
So before you go looking to passin' that blame
Remember you, you're the master
You, you're the master of...
You, you're the master of your domain
You you you you you you you you you

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway
They say there's always magic in the air
What a fortune baby
What a fortune baby
What a fortune baby


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