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No one like you
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2005-06-20 Broadway Beanery

Union Maid:
54. 2003-10-30 (1476 kb) 3:05
100. 2004-04-19 (3244 kb) 4:33

Crimson and clover, Hollywood and Vine
Drinks to knock you over
Never pick you up on time
Shouting so loud it's saddening
Well, the girls with candy voices
And the sweet talking play
Acting out your choices
Without that style or the grace

Well I've found it all to be
Entertaining but untrue
And I ain't found
No one like you

Movie stars and waitresses, and fantasies and facts
Friends in far off places that still
Talk behind my back
Not even tellin it to themselves
The dreams of common people
Yeah they're easily disturbed
Well they're worthless and they're feeble
Still getting their last word

Well I've found this all to be unfair, yet tried and true
Yet I ain't found no one like you
Yes I've found this all to be entertaining but untrue
Yet I ain't found no one like you
Yet I ain't found no one like you...


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