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Nothing to prove
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Union Maid:
479. 2006-07-19

Transcribed by:
Christy Raymond

Didnít go to the party and Iíve nothing to prove
Just went home to shut my eyes so I didnít have to make a move
The crime isnít what we thought it was blowing all my cool
Iím just through with being your fool

Well I didnít go to make amends
To a God I just ainít close to
I just need to rest my weary head
And I guess he tells me what Iím supposed to
But I ainít no believer and in any of these hand written rules
Iím just through with being your fool

I didnít make an exit
But I was born with a plan
I will find another lover
Iíll go and join another gang

For I think of you, gonna break my golden rule
Thatís to do with being your fool
I didnít go to the party
Didnít have nothing to prove
Iím through with being your fool

Take it to the limit one more time.


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