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One God
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Transcribed by:
Christy Raymond

Union Maid:
450. 2006-05-10

Like Al Capone and a dance of death
Jesus Christ with his arms stretched out
But the drop of remorse would’ve lost street cred
No one sort that heartbeat out
So you
Say the morning Shout the praise
For beyond the palace of the golden age
Yeah we’re into those cities that we set ablaze
And we love this view through the bars of the cage

Stand back we’re coming through
We’ve gone through …….. to Timbuktu
And we’re ringing their bells
yeah we’re ringing them true
and there’s only one God for me and you

Click up both heals and shave our headsv Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hey
Well feeling a need for a little roll for our beds
The end of our time singing what I say

Cos good little Germans with our heads up high
Singing hail there to the chief tomorrows………..cry
And we don’t ask questions yeah we don’t care why
That in the name of our lord we have orders to die

So stand back well here we come
We’re marching into Paris with the beat of a drum
And it’s one for all as we give them the gun
Yeah there’s only one God for everyone

There’s only one God for everyone
There’s only one God for everyone
There’s only one God for everyone


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