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Price to Pay
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Union Maid:
192. 2004-08-14 (344 kb) 1:25
194. 2004-08-16 (362 kb) 1:28
209. 2004-08-31 (357 kb) 1:28
314. 2005-01-17 (602 kb) 3:58

Version 1
Version 2 (2005-01-17)

Morning Glory
Here comes my story
You probably heard this one before
We have a few laughs
we have a few drinks
put them all down on my [...]
Don't worry, I call you a [...]

I just can't predict that kind of loss
no matter of what they say
You turn in the corner
You cut in the course
there's a price to pay
there's a price to pay
there's a price to pay

It's more of a story to come/ It's like a million trillion dollars

Donít lay down
Send me off on a slow boat to Chinatown
Lot of different [shades/shakes/shapes]
Like a tiny car of circus clowns
They donít make you laugh that you [hold on down down]

When the money goes
To them and all those pointless [spare windows/spare wins, those]
Getting the leg up on the win
Washing off the hand of dirty sin
It seems like the end must be a good place to begin

'Cause you canít just predict that kind of loss
No matter what they say
Youíre turning the corners
Youíre cutting the cost
But thereís a price to play


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