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Princess of Venice
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Union Maid:
514. 2006-11-13

Written by:
Eric Kufs

Transcribed by:

Alternative title(s):
All night rave


Do you remember that night
When you put up a fight
Saying that you could never feel that much
You said 'hold me tight,
yeah rub me just right
but not where it's to tender
to the touch'
You said epitaph carvers
Drank with midnight embalmers
Talking about how they
Dressing up their man
And the funeral director
Was another a marriage collector
Who sang ballads to his biggest fans
While throwing headstones at his children
Smacking their hands, telling them to behave
They can keep their eyes open
But they can keep their mouths shut
About this all-night rave

Now remember that queen at the Burger King
Said he'd hook us up from time to time
He knew he were short on bread
And with nothing more said
He poured that appleberry wine
And it was a sweet release
From that masterful peace
That passed through the dance crowd
To the other side
But how could that evening gown
Ever out-sing the sound
Of the prophet mixer spirit guide
Now the queen she blasted her cheekbones
As her eyes they melted away
But no one tasted the tears
As they welled on up
Down in her all-night rave

Now remember that man
In his wheelchair my friend
He was carefully timing out his fate
He said 'Crossing this road
It's easy my son
You just have to learn
To anticipate'
He told me that boomtown bowery
In all of its glory
Has its own elite peanut gallery
And they want a formal resignation
From a certain list of citations
Before they put you on that salary
They want more than anyone could ever bring
They want a formal dedication to nothing sane
Well they can can keep their hands out
They can keep their bellies full
Down in that all-night rave

Now that philosophical footsoldier
He's robbing the Gaza bank
The Titanic's his getaway car
Though he's passionately older
His escape just sank right outside
Like a washed-up movie star
He says business is business
The popular icon
The blind mayor of industry
He says whose right is it to say
That this is for you and that is for me
When I am no sight to see
This was my comeback trail
And you held my hand while paving the way
Well nothing is concrete but it's too hard to tread lightly
Down in this all-night rave

Now the Princess of Venice
She's a panhandling menace
She recites poetry in moonlit alleys
She said she tried to head for the hills
Many times before
But she always got stuck in the valley
She said 'would you like to hear one of my songs in Spanish?'
I said 'yeah, okay, you're sing one, so go ahead sure'
Well I didn't know what it meant
But it sure did sound pretty
A language I guess I should have studied more
But she did not resent me for my lack of knowledge
She said 'you just pick these things up along the way'
There are many different schools
There's only one course
Down in this all-night rave

So don't you remember that night
When you put up a fight
Saying you could never love that much
You said 'hold me tight,
yeah rub me just right
but not where it's too tender
to the touch'
Now good writers borrow
And great writers steal
Actors, poets, painters, politicians
The Great Creator as such
But after two thousand years
Or more of this history my friend
You know for something original might be asking
Far too much
So this is my confession
This is by no means my progression
To the past I am enslaved

So I turn down the beat
Turn up the speed of light
And end this all-night rave
All-night rave

Tabs / Chords

Princess of Venice - by Matty

finger-picking is essential

C-G-F-G verse

Am-G chorus on last time through drop high-E notes 3-1-0

Listen carefully and you'll be able to pick up the changes. It's quite simple to get the meat of it though.


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