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Smile II
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Written by:
Adam Busch/ Jordan Katz

Union Maid:
425. 2006-03-06 (Live: 2006-03-03)
487. 2006-08-10 - Live: 2006-08-05

2006-10-05 - The Troubadour
2006-10-07 - Gs
2006-09-28 - the Hotel Cafe

oh ship of fate
oh union state
you set the date
but i'm running late

see i took the falls
heard the cattle calls
to where i'm not tall
nope not tall at all

this constant line you cross is
writing off the losses
of these that bleed when you do

if you just smile the whole world leaves with you

now from all the harm
in those spiral arms
these sons of jacks
they ain't comin' back

the court found no clause
no santa clear
so we'll be right here
if not here then near

now i can't take all the credit
i'm sure it's somewhere that i read it
bout these blankets they breath when you do

if you just smile the whole world leaves with you

somebody told me
that one was you
if it isn't funny
then it isn't true

so while you hold us
tight like you do
just say hello i must be going too

see their really is no better
it only gets much worse
and i beg your pardon over
as the line tends to the verse
i have been through all the stories all the portraits in your purse
seen what you've starred in
your pardon please
though it took no time to spend it
it's just easier to end it
then to have this one turned out in two

so you just smile
we'll know what to do


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