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Speaking for the Crowd
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Union Maid:
378. 2005-06-11

Transcribed by:
Christy Raymond

Tell the reviews we’ve paid the dues
From bills that are across the page
And the eyes of a work mans wage
Tales are told from the highest portal of Christ
The devil speaks and brags
And the winter overcoat to paradise

Empties all about the house till the
Tears dry you out
The girls are digging you
For speaking for the crowd
The unfinished thought from
Across the years
Makes you wanna stand up for her,
And hers and hers and his

Well you don’t make a joking next speech
Just to market one on one
Got a love strain the misty autumn in blues
The current deals, and the next thing you can see
All the colours of a dictator
And this monstrosity

Well fixing to die
Will a part of me lie?
Hoping it ends
Turns around
Want them to remain broken
In your eyes
And the culture of
Found by our goodbyes


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