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The Way To Go Home
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Union Maid:
254. 2004-10-25 (387 kb) 2:32

There’s dust on the windows
there's ants on the floor
Keep the rain a falling
Put the knife back in the drawer

But the earth’s been deflated
You can cut it with a spoon
The devil stick a fork in me
And ran away with the moon

So drag out a lady of the night
Stick her deep in my veins
Fill me up with bourbon
And put me on a train

Take me down to Atlantic City
To cash in for a hand
The devil down to my heart
Until I can't remember how to stand

For I forgot which the winds blow
I’d forgotten how to roam
And was it ever there
The way to go home

If I saw it would I take it
Or would I strangle in the [...]
And racing down the [...]
And I [...] full of charms

Well let me ask this
Cause you trace your lifeline
Down to the back alley dances
Back in the shadows [...]

The gypsies see your future
But they don’t care about your past
Well whatever comes up first
Of all what will it last

For just the [...]
Ring around the collar
The passion for a pen
Take the words from the worthiest scholar

They’ll teach how to sin
They’ll teach you how to atone
They’ll show you how to test the wind
But they don’t know the way to go home


The way to go home

I’m tired
I wanna go to bed
I’m tired
I wanna go to bed


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