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The Way we move
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Union Maid:
29. 2003-05-18 (1496 kb) 3:08

I never much counted the colors of the inner-workings of these parts
my entrance door is just as long
as the [..]I feel……to where it starts
well I don’t trust people who sleep well
like a warning sign of a simple mind
oh it’s time for a ? .. and down to spill???
My thoughts keep me up like a coffee cup

Now my hands are double.. ??
All the … goes (?) on on the ocean line
My eyes too wander the deep blue sea
If that is mine it could be for me

this is the way we move
well this is the way we move
well this is the way we move
well this is the way we move

…belittle (?) those are on the ground
…. Motor (??) sound
all the beggars (?????????) were ready but … steady (?)
we swum (?) but we never passed…. Fiction (?)
….Little lack of direction
slam as the passengers rush to the front of us
soon everyones gonna regret …slower… fishing buzz
and fought me mad …
cross check the cabine (???)
and the birds (??)… ………
I don’t think they like me, I don’t think they like my time/kind/????????
And for all my heart …
.. if you get yours and I get mine

this is the way we move…

my limbs are too weak for paddle bags (????????????)
yes and my arms are not long enough for kites (?????)
and my eyes too wide than …
but my heads to big to evenly levitate (?????????????????????????????)
my body’s too long to slip by
and my feet to wide to step aside
my skin too thin to take it all
but my nose to small to block the …
said that I would give you shelter
yes my lungs expand with … profound
just to beat (???) the things that keep me down

this is the way we move…


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