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 Eric Kufs
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Union Maid:
385. 2005-07-06 (513 kb) 3:22
390. 2005-07-23

2005-10-06 London, UK

Transcribed by:
Watcher652 & Christy Raymond

Got a chest full of money
and a bellyful of rhyme
A head full of sirens
Screaming behind

N.A.T.O over my shoulder
Mad man singing in both ears
Well if he had a hammer
He’d ring out all the tears

From the work shirts in the basket
It seems it helps saving hair
Sometimes the more you get past it
The more you’re no better off than dead
No better off than dead

If I say that I love you
Will you leave me alone?
Get off my bleeding back now
Find some other thief to stone

You‘re sharp as a tack yeah
Silver dagger taking care
To stand up on this table
All The Coins caught in the air

The chance of never meeting
Or never being fed
The chance of never being seated
On either side of this bed or pad?

What if no one was a victim of anyone else
What on earth we would do with ourselves
Imagine what we could do with ourselves


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