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2003-05-28 - L.A.'s Common Rotation fronted by 'Buffy' bad guy Villain or folk star
By Kimberly E. Mock

Adam Busch must live a double life. As an actor, Busch played fembot-building sociopath Warren on the hit television series ''Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.'' As a musician with the popular Los Angeles-based band, Common Rotation, Busch sings gleefully about the common pursuits of love and happiness.

But while Busch's public personas (and his inspiration for both) may contrast one another, his roles as both rocker and villain are helping generate a good deal of buzz about Common Rotation, a pop folk band that's causing a bi-coastal stir among both ''Buffy'' fans and those who've never seen the show. According to the band's Web site, Common Rotation began as a project between Busch and singer/guitarist Eric Kufs in Long Island, N.Y. After joining forces with drummer Prof. Ken Beck and former bassist Chris Elsener, the band began its folk pop revolution as 28 Orange Street, with the band performing its first gigs in NYC coffee shops. As time passed and its following grew, the band began playing larger venues, and later morphed into Common Rotation and relocated to L.A. after Elsener quit mid-set at the legendary New York indie rock club, the Wetlands. Despite the lineup change and new territory - the band claims L.A. is cheaper and closer to Busch's acting gigs - Common Rotation has continued to build its following through its infectious sound, which draws comparisons to bands like Phish, the Barenaked Ladies and helped the band tour with indie rock pioneers They Might Be Giants. On its sophomore release, ''Big Fear,'' Common Rotation even covers TMBG's famous tune ''Don't Let's Start,'' in addition to nine other original tunes touting the band's own flavor of catchy folk pop. While Busch's turn as a folk star may take a few ''Buffy'' fans aback - his character was, after all, skinned alive on the show - Common Rotation's own blend of captivating melodies and cheeky lyrics are sure to win over even the most loyal ''Buffy'' fans hoping to catch a glimpse of one of their favorite small screen villains.


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