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2003-05-31 - Big Fear Review - Flagpole
Saturday, May 31
Common Rotation, Yugami, The Hiss
Caledonia Lounge

Word on the street, echoing from corner to corner, is that there's this show about a young woman who goes about and kills vampires. "Bunny" something, I've heard. Oh, right. "Buffy." "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I've heard it's kind of popular.

Well, for those frothing at the mouth at the demise of their favorite idiot box production, here's a little something to tide you over until your glow-in-the-dark Watcher dolls show up in the mail. Common Rotation, formerly known as 28 Orange Street, a New York- and Los Angeles-based folk rock outfit, features singer/guitarist Adam Busch, better known to "Buffy" fans as "Warren."

But no Phantom Planet this! While Jason Schwartzman's band was doomed to Trivial Pursuit 2018 Edition status, Common Rotation's got a chance at establishing its own voice (that Busch isn't as known a name sure doesn't hurt). Singer/ songwriter Eric Kufs rounds out guitar and vocal duties, while Professor Ken Beck's tight drum talents ricochet all over a song; Michael Uhler's steady, warm basslines, however, keep everything in line.

Common Rotation's laid-back, intricate songs on its latest Big Fear all display a steady grasp on songcraft (all except the track "Indie Rockin'" - who else is as tired of irony as I am?). But if an album's not enough for you, the band's experimenting with a give-and-take with its fans. On the Common Rotation Web site (www.commonrotation.com) the band posts what it calls "The Union Maid," a collection of unwashed sound bites, song ideas or random lyrics, and site-visitors can discuss and influence the songs-in-progress.

The band's been touring with the likes of They Might Be Giants lately. It hits the Caledonia Lounge with Yugami and The Hiss. [CH]


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